Hole By Hole Course Tour

Hole 1: 383 yards, Par-4        
One of the most distinctive opening holes in Asia-Pacific, this mid-length par-4 is flanked left by working rice paddies, a motif reprised in spots throughout these 18 holes. Drives must also negotiate an attractive pod of deep bunkers at the elbow; from there the fairway turns left and falls steeply downhill to a green closely guarded by hazards back and left. Tip: Play the approach just short of the putting surface, as the ball will kick forward onto the green.


Hole 2: 188 yards, Par-3        
The same tropical stream that flanks the 1st green runs the full length of this scenic short hole. Everything kicks toward the water, so favour the right side and the contours will guide your ball toward the putting surface. Tip: Check the pin position before choosing your club because the green here is three clubs deep.


Hole 3: 400 yards, Par-4        
Don’t be fooled by the giant cross-bunker that imposes on this hole from the left. It’s not really in play. Aim right over it and find the wide fairway beyond. The trouble comes on the approach, where the green is guarded in front by a creek and left by a colorful wetland and more rice paddies. Tip: Look carefully at the pin position on this raised, undulating putting surface; merely finding the green, far from the pin, is a three-putt waiting to happen.


Hole 4: 439 yards, Par-4        
One of the finest par-4s anywhere in Indonesia, this graceful, testing par-4 also offers long views from one of the highest points on the property. Aim at the distant bunkers and hit a long draw; the left side of this fairway provides the most level stance. When pondering the long approach, across a gentle valley, avoid the dramatic bunkers guarding the right-front portion of the green. Tip: Unless the drive is long and true, lay up your approach left of the bunkers and chip it on from there; this might be your best shot at par.

Hole 5: 441 yards, Par-4        
Another chance to neutralize a difficult hole with a strong drive that favours the left side of a saddled fairway and avoids the temple down the right. The left side also opens up the large green, which is guarded by deep bunkers on the right. Tip: While the uphill approach might require an extra club, consider taking 2 extra clubs; the “greenside” bunker is actually well short of the putting surface.

Hole 6: 501 yards, Par-5        
Your first glimpse of the Indian Ocean comes on the second shot, after a brave drive that cuts the corner on this dogleg left, or a more prudent tee shot that avoids those devilish bunkers at the elbow. Big hitters can get home in two, as the second shot plays dramatically downhill, directly to the sea. Tip: Judge the wind carefully, as it blows heavier the closer one gets to the small green.


Hole 7: 214 yards, Par-3
Not much to say that hasn’t already been said. The 7th is amongst the most dramatic, oft-photographed holes in world golf. Just left of this clifftop-to-clifftop par-3 sits the island temple at Tanah Lot. Here the devout wade out at sunset in the hundreds amid faintly orange, billowing clouds of incense. Mind the wind, which normally blows inland; use the incense as a gage. Tip: Don’t be short.


Hole 8: 544 yards, Par-5        
Though this hole normally plays downwind, attempting to hit this green in two shots is fraught with peril: The green is very small; deep greenside bunkers guard it, and there’s OB over the green. Discretion may be the better part of valor here. Favour the left side on your drive, the right side on your second. Tip: If you’re going to miss this green, miss right — the ball will kick left onto the putting surface.


Hole 9: 388 yards, Par-4        
No mystery to the drive here: Keep it between the trees, so as to set up a short, downhill shot to the green. The approach to the putting surface, set in a natural amphitheater tiered with working rice paddies, is more tricky. Tip: The green is steeply pitched back to front; just short of this green is better than putting from the back edge.

Hole 10: 445 yards, Par-5        
With trouble at every turn, this thrilling short par-5 is nevertheless very reachable in two shots — if those two shots are true. A long fade across the creek should favour the right, more level side of the pitched fairway. A spectacular second shot — downhill to a green set across the river — is your reward. Tip: The safe/smart play is to lay up short left, chip on, and walk away with par.


Hole 11: 211 yards, Par-3        
This bowl-shaped putting surface provides a large target, but it’s difficult to find from the tee box. Tee shots would appear to play from one hilltop to another, but it actually plays markedly uphill. Tip: Favour the left side of the green, avoiding the menacing bunkers at right.


Hole 12: yards, Par-4       
This clever, scenic, short par-4 brings us back to the sea. A 200-yard drive middle-left will find the plateau landing area and open up the hole. A testing, downhill, short-iron approach to a shallow green fronted by a tidal stream awaits. Tip: Aim your tee shot at the last house on the left; anything further right of this line might well be blocked out by the sharp turn of this dogleg.


Hole 13: 337 yards, Par-4        
The Indian Ocean forms the right side of this deceptively difficult, short par-4. The ever-present wind, if misjudged, can wreak havoc. The safe tee shot is played to the valley some 220 yards away, between the bunkers, leaving a low punch shot into the elevated green. Big hitters can indeed drive it close to this putting surface, but the shorter the pitch, the more awkward it becomes. Tip: Play it safe.


Hole 14: 186 yards, Par-3        
A short hole with options. From the Shark tee, surrounded by roiling surf, the hole plays across 180 yards of open ocean and rocky beach to another cliff-top putting surface. It’s all carry. From the various forward tees, the 14th is far more gentle as the sea is merely a lateral hazard. Tip: From the Shark tee, take an extra club; from either tee, favor the forgiving left side of this green complex.

Hole 15: 447 yards, Par-4        
After the finesse required on 13 and 14, this long par-4 offers the chance to grip it and rip it. Play a fade up the valley from the tee, avoiding the fairway bunkers at left. Another fade, this time on the approach, is the shape best suited to finding the raised green — and avoiding the deep bunkers at right. Tip: Play your second left of the target, allowing the contour to kick your ball onto the putting surface.


Hole 16: 431 yards, Par-4        
Another chance to tame a long hole with driver: The longer you hit it here, the more you benefit from the downhill-sloping landing area. Unless you bust a drive, you might consider laying up in front of the creek that guards this green; it well may be your best shot at par. Tip: There is little margin for error in approaching this green, but the best bail-out area is left, thus avoiding the right greenside bunker, the creek in front and temple at rear.


Hole 17: 349 yards, Par-4
Aim straight at the big bunker on the left side, avoiding the creek and jungle running all down the right side of this comely par-4. This is not a hole that requires driver. Better to go with a positional long iron or fairway wood, setting up a short approach to a tight green fronted by another creek. Tip: Attack the pin; the only trouble is short.


Hole 18: 520 yards, Par-5
A wonderful finishing par-5 that again entices big hitters to go for broke, while affording mere mortals the chance to finish with par. Right centre is the ideal line, as the fairway plays downhill all the way, getting ever more narrow as one approaches the green. Beware the creek, which crosses in front of the putting surface, then turns to form a hazard on the right. Tip: Too much trouble here to consider hitting the green in two; lay up to the left, pitch it close and perhaps walk away with a closing birdie.

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